July 8, 2014

coney island adventure

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Went to Coney Island on the holiday weekend with my roommate.
Lots of candy, games, bright colors, shirtless men, little kids screaming, and old school music. Pure summer perfection.
My roommate won the pink unicorn. I won the rubber duck :(

Only 5 days until I take off for Scandinavia! 
Sad to leave New York for 2 weeks but excited to be reunited with the Scandinavian summer!


June 16, 2014

summer tunes

Hey y'all!
I just wanted to share a few summer sounds that I'm listening to.
Summer music is all about good vibes and imagining yourself on a beach in the Bahamas (even though you're not..).

Enjoy !!


June 12, 2014

denim & adventures

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My days have been filled with endless exploring and denim.
I am completely obsessed with denim at the moment. 
Like SUPER obsessed. 
I have jeans, short, skirts, dresses, jackets, overalls..everything denim denim denim.
I can't simply express how much I love denim.
Well enough about denim. 
Summer is here and I am loving the New York summer so far. 
So vibrant.
So many adventures.
So wow.


June 2, 2014

birthday inspo

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It's my birthday!
I'm 22 years young.

Here's some things that inspire me at the moment. 
Denim, sequins, leather, skin, tattoos, natural beauty, messy hair, minimalism, and exotic getaways.

Birthdays for me are about reinventing yourself, your style, and your lifestyles. 
It's almost like a New Year for me and I make myself promises and goals for the upcoming year. 
At the moment, I'm going through a detox in my life and getting rid of all the excess stuff that just brings negativity. 
So far I've just gotten rid of lots and lots of clothes I didn't need but I'm looking forward to more detoxing and improvements. 


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