October 11, 2015

sunsets and darkness

In my opinion, New York is always beautiful. 
But the city becomes even more mysterious and attractive during sunsets and nighttime. 
The lights go out and there's a whole new city to explore. 


ps. I will start posting more again..sorry for the delay. 

September 8, 2015

5 random facts

I decided to write something for a change.
I wanted to introduce myself a little bit more with words instead of pictures.

So here it goes.
6 random facts about me.

This probably isn't shocking if you've seen any of my NYC photos.
But I honestly couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the world.
New York and me just belong together. Forever.

2. I don't know how to whistle.
Not sure why this bothers me, but apparently almost everyone knows how to whistle. 
I can whistle by inhaling but then I run out of air and faint.

3. I'm not a true blonde.
Shh. It's a secret.
No, but really. 
Not many realize my platinum blonde color is fake.
When I say I'm Scandinavian to someone they just imagine blonde.
My real color is sandy blonde (basically brunette) and I have chocolate brown eyes. 
But to answer the question: yes, blondes do have more fun. ;)

4. I study advertising and marketing.
Not sure if I've ever mentioned about my studies on here...
But I'm almost done with my 4 years of marketing education.
I chose my major because I love the opportunity to combine business skills and creative thinking. 
I've loved my studies so far.

5. I used to dance ballet and study music.
I spent about 15 years playing violin and piano, 
and I danced for about 10 years.
I learned so much from those years. So thankful.

I was going for 6 facts but I couldn't think of any more.
Oh well.
Feel free to ask any questions in any language about anything.


August 23, 2015

never say never

hi lovelies. 

Sorry for the lack of updates.
I've been moving in and out but finally settled in a temporary place on the upper east side.
This area is so unfamiliar to me. 
I've been such a downtown girl until now.
So it's going to take some time to get familiarized.

School starts in one week.
I'm going to graduate very very soon. 
Can't believe time has gone by so fast.

Really looking forward to this fall.
New beginnings, new people, new opportunities, 
and new attitudes. 
A lot has changed but I like it.
I'm enjoying the ride.

much love,

ps. enjoy these tunes. they are my faves at the moment.

July 31, 2015


I spent a week in Maine.
Ocean, forest, and peacefulness. 
A small detox from the city life.
But tomorrow back to NYC and ready to slay.